Equine Assisted Psychotherapy

Sometimes one to one, face to face talking therapy is not appropriate or may have limitations for some clients and offering an alternative or supplementary approach can be useful.

I joined Shine for Life in 2012 (www.shineforlife.co.uk). We are a Community Interest Company offering equine assisted psychotherapy and learning experiences to individuals and groups that have a range of issues

EAP (Equine Assisted Psychotherapy) has been shown to be an extremely effective therapeutic approach, helping clients explore issues such as trauma, addictions, eating disorders, depression, anxiety, relationships and communication problems.

Horses are remarkable animals, showing an innate sense of 'understanding' of human emotion. They respond by 'mirroring' the deep rooted, often unconscious emotions that a client has when in close contact, by behaving in particular ways – This behaviour elicits comments, conversation and/or responses from the client, which form part of the therapeutic process.

Work is done on the ground, with one or more horses, in an enclosed arena. Tasks are set and the interplay between horse and client is observed by a horse specialist and a therapist; who facilitate the process and offer a safe physical and emotional environment.

Shine for Life has recently been working with clients from the YMCA, Pavillions Drug and Alcohol treatment service and Brighton Housing Trust as well as with self referred clients. We also offer tailored sessions to businesses who are seeking a number of potential outcomes such as creating a more cohesive management system, enhancing team relationships and generally building a more successful business model.

Call for more information about EAP or to book a session – a fascinating and rewarding experience for anyone; or contact Shine for Life through the website www.shineforlife.co.uk

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